Doctor Who, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Trek, The Hobbit, etc, you name it. I love them all. :)
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But in small moments like this, Stiles Stilinski scares the shit out of me. Like you can totally tell that he’s willing to commit murder right about now. His lips are freaking curling into a snarl because he’s so pissed and his fucking eyes are DEAD. He’s just so done with people pushing him and his friends around. They’ve already lost so much and he’ll be damned if he lets them lose more.

#damn right he scares me here #but what’s really getting me is dylan obrien’s acting here #we all saw it in 3b #but im just gonna keep saying it again #it is amazing #how he can go from playing an outgoing goofy stiles #to something like this #look at that #hell #it’s almsot like Dylan’s the one who wants to commit murder #am i right ladies 
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Lunch time. Feels like it’s midnight? But I’m in the UK. (I think) I will be in Indianapolis tomorrow. (I think) I had no idea people did this to promote movies. This is CRAZY!!! HAHA! Roller coaster. Except there’s a person standing by to fix my hair or to hold my hand when I poop. (A thing I’ve started to demand. I’m STARLORD!!!)